Computer program for calculating the cornering characteristics of buses incl. articulated buses, seating plans in buses as well as the creation of floor plans for mobile homes and calculating their axle loads

The program runs on all IBM-compatible MS-DOS computers that are running MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8, 32 bit or 64 bit. Our programs do not run on Windows RT. We recommend that you use a PC with at least 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of free space on the hard disk. A DVD drive is required to install the program. If you do not have a DVD drive on your computer, you can also obtain the program or programs on a USB memory card for a small supplement (also for updates).

We are not able to provide any guarantee/warranty that the data contained in BusWIN will match the actual weights or dimensions of the vehicles or equipment. BusWIN is available in German, English, Finnish and Swedish.

This program can analyse extended cornering characteristics of buses, similar to CornerWIN. After the program is started, you can select various bus chassis and accept or edit the available technical data or modify it to your requirements.

BusWIN can also run without TrailerWIN.

Product information/Pricelist

  • Fig. 1/6 Menü zur Auswahl/Änderung der technischen Daten eines Busfahrgestells
  • Fig. 2/6 Ermittlung des kleinsten Wendekreises eines Gelenk-Busfahrgestells
  • Fig. 3/6 360° Kreisfahrt eines Gelenkbusses
  • Fig. 4/6 Kurvenlauf nach EG eines Gelenk-Busfahrgestells
  • Fig. 5/6 Menü zur Auswahl/Einbau von Wohnmobilkomponenten mit Gewichtsberechnung der Rad-/Achslasten
  • Fig. 6/6 Menü zur Auswahl / Einbau von Fahrgastsitzen mit Gewichtsberechnung der Rad-/Achslasten

The following curves are possible:

  • as per EG with modifiable external radius
  • smallest turning radius
  • 90° as per Swedish regulations
  • 90° as per Australian regulations
  • 90° general with modifiable internal and external radii
  • 120° with modifiable internal and external radii
  • 180° with modifiable internal and external radii
  • 360° circle with drive in and drive out, with modifiable internal and external radii
  • circles with modifiable angles (0…360°) and modifiable internal and external radii
  • 3 x 360° circles as per EC (until smaller internal radius found) with modifiable internal and external radii
  • travel on predefined road sections
  • importing of own street sections (DXF file) and following these with the vehicle)

Furthermore, it is now possible to create a seating plan and to install or edit the seats in the plan. Chassis of buses made by the following manufacturers are supported by BusWin: BMC Belde, Huyndai, Marbus B3 TLL, Ashok Viking, Ashok Comet Super, Ashok Cheetah, Ashok Panther, Ashok Stag, Ashok low floor Bus, Ashok double decker Bus, Ashok vestibule, Steyr A-4400, Tedom C12 D, Volvo 7700, Volvo 8800, Volvo 8700, Volvo 9900, Volvo B5L 4x2 Hybrid, Volvo B6, Volvo B7L Artic, Volvo B7R MK III, Volvo B7RLE MK III, Volvo B9L, Volvo B9 Sale, Volvo B9SALF, Volvo B9 TL 4x2 MK II, Volvo B9R, Volvo B10, Volvo B12, Volvo B 13 and other models.

It is also possible to create custom mobile home plans on the basis of the available chassis with the available accessories. The program then calculates also calculates the axle loads. The following chassis for mobile homes are supported by the BusWIN program: