Single Hand Quick Coupling

The single hand quick coupling for test connections (DIN ISO 3583) in pneumatic braking systems was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Klug, because when he previously worked as a test engineer at an officially certified testing organisation he looked for a possibility for rapidly and systematically testing pneumatic braking systems without having to time consuming screw on and off test hoses to test connections. The single hand quick couplings are an excellent aid for rapid and systematic testing of pneumatic braking systems. The usefulness of single-hand quick couplings is not limited to pneumatic braking systems. The couplings are also highly suitable for all other industrial pneumatic systems, provided that the connections have M 16x1.5 threading.

  • Average time savings of 200 road trains of about 12 hours just by using our quick coupling instead of the screw wing nut of a test hose for a general inspection or safety inspection
  • Test hose can be coupled/uncoupled in less than 3 seconds
  • No need for time consuming screwing on of the test hose
  • Attach – lock the coupling - 15° turn – ready for measurement
  • Defective or corroded threading on the test connection – no problem for the quick coupling
  • Pays for itself in next to no time

Product information/Pricelist

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